Thursday, October 18th 2015

Thursday, October 18th 2015


General Warm-Up:

Carry heavy things for 10 minutes to warm up. Use dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags. Use various positions, including farmers walk, overhead holds, goblet holds, asymmetrical potions. Get creative.


Specific Warm-Up:

DB Strict Press Ladder w/ :05 lockout in between rungs

1-2-3-4-5, for 3 sets. Rest as needed. Focus on keeping midsection braced




Build to 80% of 1RM Strict Press


10 minute EMOM

3 x Press @ 80% + 3 Front Squats @ same weight



3 rounds for time:

20 Box Jumps

15 Burpees


Supplemental/Cool Down:

100 Band Pull-Aparts.

Break up into as many sets as needed.