Thursday, October 22nd 2015

Thursday, October 22nd 2015


General Warm-Up:


Lunge w Pass through x 20m

1-Arm DB Lunge x 20m

Inch Worms x 10m

Drop Step Hip Opener x 10m

Plyo Push-Up x 5

Wall Sit x :30


Specific Warm-Up:

Wrist Mobility

Shoulder Alignment Stretches

Practice Front Rack Position



2 Push Press + 2 Jerks

Start at 50% Push Press 1-rep max. Add #10 in weight each set. Perform 2 reps of Push Press from the front rack position, immediately followed by 2 Jerks (any style). Continue until unable to complete strict press reps, then perform 2 Push Presses + 2 Jerks. Continue until unable to complete Push Press reps, then continue with 2 Jerk reps until unable to add any more weight with good form.



Row 2K For Time


Supplemental: Any of the previous supplementals from this week