Friday, October 30th 2015

Friday, October 30th 2015


General Warm-Up:


Bear Crawl x 20m

Knee Hug x 10m

Leg Cradle x 10m

Dead Bugs (alternating) x 10

Drop Lunge x 10

Thread the Needle x 5 per arm


Specific Warm-Up:

Box Jumps – 5 x 3

Follow each set with :30 FLR




3 Sets, rest as needed before moving on to the next position

:30 Ring Support Top

:30 Dead Hang on Pull-up Bar

:30 Ring Support Bottom

:30 Chin Over the Bar




Heavy Sled Push – 6 x 50m

*Use body weight loaded on sled


Teams of 2:

4 x 20m Tire Flip + Jump In and Out

Player 1 (pace setter) goes first, switch at 20m mark. Player 1 rests while Player 2 flips tire. Repeat until each player has gone 4 times.




5 x :60 Sledgehammer Strikes

*Rest as needed