Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

Tuesday, November 3rd 2015


General Warm-Up:

Animal Crawls

Bear Crawl x 20m

Turtle Crawl x 20m

Crab Walk x 20m

Scorpion Walk x 20m

Inch Worms x 10m

Alligator Crawl x 10m



Specific Warm-Up:

Prone YTWL Series x 5-7 reps each

Cobra Push Ups x 10

Iron Cross x 10

Scorpions x 10

Supermans w/ :02 Hold x 10

Hollow Rocks x 20



Gymnastic Position Work

Accumulate 2:00 total in each position. Complete entire time amount before moving onto the next

Handstand against wall


Back Lever (Progression)

Front Lever (Progression)




Box Jumps 24/20

Strict Ring Dips



Bat Wings – 4 x 8-10 w/ :05 Contraction at the top of each rep

Row 1000m