Thursday, December 31st 2015

There will be no 6:30pm and 7:30pm class tonight and 6am Friday morning will be canceled due to New Years Eve.  Everybody have a great night and be safe!


Thursday, December 31st 2015



Sled Drags – Slow, controlled pace. Fully extend hips and knees every step. Use 70-80% bodyweight

5 sets of:

Forward Drag w straps on shoulder x 20m

Reverse Drag w arms extended x 20m





:60 work at each station, :15 to transition from station to station

Tire Flips

Sandbag Clean and Press

5 Pull-Ups + Ring Dips



"Death by Farmers Carry" – 70/55

1st minute 10m

2nd minute 20m

3rd minute 30m

Continue adding 10m every minute until unable to complete distance in allotted time.