Tuesday, January 27th 2016


Row – 5 x :10/:50 Sprint/Rest Split


Movement Prep:

Overhead Mobility Squat Stretch x :30

Cat/Cow x 10

Cobra Push-Up and Twist x 5

Thread the Needle x 5 p/arm

Bent Leg Iron Cross x 6

Scorpions x 6



Work up to 1RM Power Clean and Power Jerk



Death by Power Clean and Jerk + Mountain Climbers

Odd Minutes: 1 Power Clean and Power Jerk @ 50% 1RM (Add 1 Rep each round)

Even Minutes: 5 Mountain Climbers (Add 5 Reps each round)


Continue adding reps each minute until unable to complete work in allotted time.



10 min Air Assault Ride to Cool Down