Thursday, January 28th 2016


Foam Roll: IT Band, Glutes, Quads, Calves - :30 Each

Mobility: Lunge + Knee Pull, Elbow to Instep + Reach

Dynamic: High Knees, Butt Kickers, High Leg Kicks, Side Shuffle

Neural Preparation: Agility Ladder – Single Contact, Double Contact


Movement Prep:

Deceleration Practice:

Broad Jump x 20m

1-Leg Hop to Stabilize x 20m



Linear Acceleration Work

Wall Drills: Singles, Doubles, Sprint

Arm Drills: Shoulder Swings, Seated Arm Swings – 5 x :15 AFAP

Falling Sprint Start - 5 Sets

Ball Drops – Increase distance until unable to catch the ball



2 x 20 Meter Sprints
(rest 20 seconds between efforts)

Rest 30 seconds then…

4 x 30 Meter Sprints
(rest 30 seconds between efforts)

Rest 30 seconds then…

10 x 10 Meter Flying Starts
(rest 30 seconds between efforts)

*For flying starts, take 10 meters to accelerate, you should be full speed by the time you hit your start.