Monday, December 26th 2016


Low Bear Crawl x 20m

:10 Side Bridge -Left/Right

Tight Rope Bear Crawl x 20m

:10 Side Bridge -Left/Right

Crab Walk x 20m

:10 Side Bridge -Left/Right

Bear Crab Rolls x 10

:10 Side Bridge -Left/Right



Movement Prep:

Turkish Get-Up – Kalos Sthenos Method

5 Reps p/side at each progression

Roll to Press

Press to Elbow

Post-Up Position

High Hip Bridge

High to Knee

Knee to Kneeling

The Stand



For Time:

Run 400m

10x Turkish Get up @ 16kg/8kg (each hand)

40x Split Jumps

Run 400m

7x Turkish Get up (each hand)

30x Split Jumps

Run 400m

5x Turkish Get up (each hand)

20x Split Jumps

Run 400m

3x Turkish Get up each hand

10x Split Jumps


5 Rounds: (grind, not for time):

5x Pull up

10x Dip

15x Push up