Thursday, December 29th 2016


10 x Air Squats

Walking Lunge to High Knee Pull x 20m

Reverse Walking Lunge and Twist x 20m

Duck Walk x 10m

Reverse Duck Walk x 10m

Inch Worms x 10m

Run 400m


Movement Prep:

Split Position Hip Abduction x 5 p/leg

Calf Mobility x 1:00 p/leg


Single Leg Squat on 20” Box – 5 x 5 p/leg



4 Rounds, Rest 1 minute between rounds:

4 x 20m Shuttle

6 x Air Squats

6 x Push-Ups

6 x Lunges w/ 2x30#/20# Dumbbells (each leg)

4 x 25m Shuttle w/ 2x30#/20# Dumbbells


Tabata Sledgehammer Strikes

Rest 2 minutes

Tabata V-Sit Kick Outs