Friday, December 9th 2016

Warm-Up/Movement Prep:

Row 1000m

Wall Squats – 2 x 10

Lunges x 20m

Hawaiian Squats x 5 p/leg

Pass Throughs x 15

Thread the Needles x 10

Push-Ups x 10

Kettlebell Swings - 2 x 10



Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk –

3 x 5 @ 12kg x 2

3 x 5 @ 16kg x 2

3 x 5 @ 24kg x 2




8 Rounds of :20 Work/:10 “Rest”. One min rest between movements, score is sum of all reps

Tabata Squats (rest in bottom hold, thighs parallel to floor)

Tabata Push-ups (rest locked out at top, aka Forward leaning rest)

Tabata Ball Slam @ 15# ball (rest with ball overhead, both arms locked out)

Tabata Sit-up (rest with legs held straight 6-12” above floor, head off floor)

Tabata KB Swing @ 24kg/16kg (rest without setting KB down or supporting it on your body)