Wednesday, March 2nd 2016


Walking Lunge + Knee Hug x 10m

Walking Lunge + Leg Cradle x 10m

Iron Cross + 1-Leg Hip Extension x 10


Movement Prep:

Sorenson Test (Isometric Hip Extension Test) – The Sorenson test is a powerful and effective tool that measures the athletes ability to maintain a neutral spine position as well as predict they are at risk for lower back pain in the future.  The back is first and foremost an endurance muscle due to our natural upright posture and its role in maintaining an upright torso.  2:00 is the minimum time that constitutes as a passing grade, with anything less representing a fail and a requisite need to incorporate more back and hip extension exercises to shore up the deficiency.

The athlete will mount the GHD Machine with the pads lining up with the hip bones.  Time begins when the athlete comes to full extension, being sure not to cross into overextension of the spine, and stops when the upper body drops more than 5-10 degrees below the plane of the hips.



IWT (Interval Weight Training)

3 Sets:

5 Power Cleans @ 70% 1RM

2:00 Row @ >500/425m Pace

2:00 Rest


5:00 Rest (Including last 2:00 rest period)


3 Sets:

7 Push Press (same weight as Power Cleans)

1:00 Assault Bike @ >10/8 Calorie Pace

1:00 Rest


Rest 5:00 (Including last 1:00 Rest Period)


3 Sets:

20 x 1-Arm Dumbbell Sit-Ups (10 each arm)

20 x Russian Twists

:30 Side Plank – Left

:30 Side Plank – Right