Thursday, May 12th 2016

If you were not at the gym on Wednesday, you will be performing the Power Clean, Strict Press, and Front Squat from the day before.


Ankle Mobility Stretch x 1:00 p/leg

Run 800m @ easy pace


Movement Prep:

Walking Lunge x 20m

Band Pull-Aparts x 20

Movement Practice and Set-Up



For Time:

Row 500m

50 x Push-Ups

50 x Ring Rows or Pull-Ups

50 x DB Push Press – 30/15

50 x DB Step-Ups on 20” Box – 20/10-5

50 x Sit-Ups

Row 500m




15 x Strict Toes to Bar

20 x Straight Leg Lowering

:30 FLR on Rings