Thursday, July 7th 2016


Lunge + Knee Hug + Leg Swing x 20m

Elbow to Instep + Reach + Hamstring Stretch x 20m


Movement Prep:

3-D Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Stretch x 5 cycles p/arm

Lateral Walking Push-Up – 2 x 10m

Bat-Wings – 3 x 5



Superset x 4

A1: Ring Push-Ups x 10-12 @ 31X1

A2: Supine Ring Rows (elevate feet on box if possible) x 10-12 @ 31X1

Rest 2:00 between sets


Single Leg Squat on 20” Box – 5 x 5 p/leg



Partner Air Assault to Hell and Back

30-20-10-20-30 Calories on Air Assault Bike

Each partner takes turns completing rungs, rest only as long as it takes for partner to complete their respective rung.



Ring Support x 3:00 in as few sets as possible

Dead Hang x 3:00 in as few sets as possible