Monday, August 1st 2016


Lunge and Twist x 10m

Reverse Lunge and Twist x 10m

Spider Walk x 20m

Crab Walk x 20m


Movement Prep:

Pass Throughs x 15

Kettlebell Arm Bar Series

Straight Arm Bottoms Up Hold x :20 p/side

Straight Arm Bottoms Up Press x 10 p/side

Straight Arm Lateral Bottoms Up Hold x :20 p/side

Lateral Roll x 5 p/arm



Band Suspended Bench Press-

6 Sets of 10 w/ Kettlebells suspended on bar w/ resistance bands

Follow each set immediately with 30 seconds Dead Hang on Rings



5 Rounds for Time:

Assault Bike x 10 Cals

DB Walking Lunges x 20m

Sit-Ups x 30



300 Seconds FLR on Rings