Monday, September 12th 2016


Row 250m

15 x Kettlebell Deadlifts

Row 250m

15 x Goblet Squats

Row 250m

15 x KB Headcutters


Movement Prep:

Banded Hip Flexor Stretch x :45 p/leg

Kneeling KB Stability Press – 2 x 10



Deadlift – Build up to 75-80% 1RM


Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets) of:

5 Deadlifts @ 75-80%

10 Tall Box Jumps

(jump up, step down with support)



5 Rounds of:

5 x Kettlebell Front Squat Push Press – Left Arm

5 x Kettlebell Front Squat Push Press – Right Arm

20m Suitcase Carry – Left

20m Suitcase Carry - Right

*Do not set kettlebell down at any point. Penalty for putting weight down = 25 Burpees to be completed at the end of the workout.