Thursday, September 15th 2016

Warm-Up/ Movement Prep:

Assault Bike - 3 x (:30 Easy/:30 Hard)

Segmented Glute Bridge x 10

Side Plank w/ Leg Raised x :30 p/side

Shoulder Taps x 20


2 Rounds of 1 minute @ each exercise

Kettlebell Around the World (Pass around waist)

Kettlebell Figure 8 (Pass Through the Legs)

Kettlebell Reverse Lunge

Kettlebell 1-Arm Swings

Rest minute




4 Sets.  Use heaviest weight that can be managed with good form.

Kettlebell Headcutter x 15 Reps

Rest 1 minute

Kettlebell Maxercist Row – 8 Reps p/arm

Rest 1 minute

Kettlebell Crush Curl – 15 reps

Rest 1 minute

Kettlebell Bottoms-Up Press – 8 Reps p/arm

Rest 1 minute




Burpee Broad Jump for Max Distance

:30 Wall Sit in between rungs