Thursday, February 16th 2017


Row 1000m

Walking Lunge x 20m

KB Bottoms Up Walking Lunge x 20m

Elbow to Instep x 10m


Movement Prep:

Shoulder Rolls x 20

Corkscrews x 10

Reverse Snow Angels x 10

Scapular Push-Ups x 10

Scapular Pull-Ups x 10



4 Sets of:

Split Squat – 8-10 Reps p/leg

Rest 45-60 seconds

Dips – 8-10 Reps @ 3111

Rest 45-60 seconds

L-Hang or L-Hang Progression Exercise – 30-45 seconds Total Time

Rest 45-60 seconds

Chinese Plank – 30-45 seconds Total Time

Rest 45-60 seconds



Partner Workout:

As a team, Ride 200 Calories on Air Assault Bike.  Players switch riding every minute on the minute.  Player not riding must complete 8 Slam Balls during their “Rest” time