Tuesday, March 14th 2017


Assault Bike – 5 x (:10/:50) Sprint/Recover 


Movement Prep: 

Pass Throughs x 15 

Arm Circles x 20 

Corkscrews x 10 

Mini Band Curl and Press x 10 

Mini Band Overhead Lateral Lean x 3 p/side 

Mini Band Plank Star Touches x 3 cycles 

Iron Cross x 10 

S-Waves x 10 



Earthquake Press Ladder – 6 x (1-4) w/ 5 second lockout at the top of each rung.

After each set, complete 60m Farmers Carry with heaviest weight possible 



Assault Bike to Hell and Back 


Complete each rung as fast as possible. 

Rest the same amount of time it took to complete each rung before beginning next rung