Thursday, March 2nd 2017


MB Bent Leg Lateral Walk x 20m 

MB Bent Leg Linear Walk x 20m 

MB Straight Leg Lateral Walk x 20m 

MB Overhead Squats x 10 


Movement Prep: 

Hip Flexor Stretch on Bench x 45 sec p/leg 

Bootstrapper Squat x 10 



Static Dynamic Jump Squat 

*Rest 30-90 sec between sets 

1x6 @ 45/33 

1x5 @ 65/43 

1x4 @ 75/53 

1x3 @ 85/63 

2x2 @ 95/73 



3 Rounds of 1 minute of max reps at each station with 15 seconds between stations: 

Deck Squats 

Side Step Kettlebell Swings -24kg/16kg 

See the Lights – 25-35/15-10 

Assault Bike for Max Calories