Friday, May 26th 2017

Warm-Up/Movement Prep:

Elbow to Instep x 10m

Lunge and Twist x 10m

Knee Hug + T-Hamstring x 10m

Tricep Stretch + Side Bend x 3 p/side

Barbell Lat Stretch - 2 x 30 sec



Bat Wing Rows – 3 Sets of 8

Dead Hang on Pull-Up Bar to Failure after each set

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets


1-Arm KB Press/Push Press Ladder – 10x (5 p/arm) @ each – 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 32kg

Twice through the ladder. Be responsible



For Time:

100 x Calories on Assault Bike

75 x Supine Ring rows

50 x Floor Wipers – 135/83

*Can be partitioned into as many sets as desired