Thursday, May 4th 2017


Walking Lunges x 10m

Elbow to Instep x 10m

Knee Pulls x 10m

Leg Cradles x 10m

High Knees x 10m

Butt Kickers x 10m


Movement Prep:

Sprint Wall Drills

Falling Sprint Starts x 3

Push-Up Sprint Starts x 3



3 Rounds:

3 x Band Sprint Starts - Forward

15 x Ring Knees to Elbows


3 Rounds:

3 x Band Sprint Starts – Backward

15 x KB Swings – 24kg/16kg


20 Rounds:

5 x DB Walking Lunge – 2x#20-30/10-15

5 x DB Push Press


Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

30 second Wall Sit

3 x Burpees