For those who want more specific direction than what is provided in the group setting but want to be able to workout on their own time without direct supervision, our coaches provide individualized program design. This is perfect for advanced athlete with a deep sense of intrinsic motivation and clearly defined goals, but also works wonders for people early in the process that might have constraints that limit their attendance and want a more direct and straightforward approach.

Please note that we cap the number of clients each coach can work with to ensure quality, so availability is limited and there may be a wait.


The program design process begins with a consultation to make sure we are a good fit for each other – to discuss goals, means, timelines and pitfalls.  Time in the gym is only a small part of the process – measures are taken to address an individuals diet, recovery, and social well being. Movement and fitness testing may or may not be performed depending on the athlete.

Program Design

After payment has been received, the coach will work hand in hand with the athlete to to form a comprehensive and flexible strategy to achieve the clients goals. Flexibility is crucial. No successful plan survives implementation – real life happens, a highly flexible and responsive framework means that we can make sure the plan each day is the most beneficial possible.


After the plan has been laid out, potential issues discussed and solved, it is time to execute the program.  Athletes will have access to the gym during general operation hours to execute daily workouts if required or maybe performed offsite at a separate facility.  Consultations between athlete and trainer will take place monthly to monitor progress, make adjustments if necessary, and accommodate unforeseen problems.

Prices start at $175 per month.  15% off when pre-paid for 3 months or more.